How do they work?

We offer three types of validations: appointment, shift, and schedule. Appointment validations allow a system admin to require things of an appointment before it's saved or edited- for example, that the appointment be within working hours and that the room be available and not otherwise booked. Shift validations work the same way- validating that the employee isn't otherwise booked and is configured to work the location selected in the shift, among other options. Schedule validations work in a similar way, but they validate an entire weekly schedule. We currently allow admins to set up a group of shifts that must be covered and require that and to check that employee minimum and maximum hours totals aren't violated, with more options on the way. Schedule finalizations also result in that week being locked against editing and in the employees scheduled, when set up as users in the system, being notified that they have shifts in a finalized schedule.

All three types of validations can be overridden by system admins or appointment/shift admins, as applicable with a required override reason. Finalizations can also be revoked, and that also requires a message indicating why. All adds, edits, deletes, and validations are audited with who made the change and when.

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