Track appointments on a weekly or monthly calendar. Filter appointments by service, location, employee, and customer. Collect payment via app or the website.NEW

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Make sure your employees are available when you need them. Verify that you don't have too few or too many working at one time.

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Easily view customers' service/employee history. Customers can view upcoming appointments and make requests for new ones.

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Ensure that only qualified employees perform services. View a history of all changes made to the system, include the time of the change and who made it.

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Comprehensive views
of all aspects of your business


Assign roles to each of your employees using the system, letting them do their jobs without more access than they need.


Find out where you're over or understaffed, discover revenue opportunities, and track statistics with reports. COMING SOON


Stay Connected

With apps and a fully responsive website, you, your employees, and your customers are all connected on the go.

Rest Easy

Set up verification rules for your appiontments, shifts, and weekly schedules to make sure your business is covered.

Double your money back guarantee- We'll pay you $50

Your first month of Premium is free- give us a shot, and cancel before the end of the month if you're not satisfied. The free tier is always free, even after you try premium. If you acutally use the system* and cancel in the first week of your first paid month, we'll refund that month and give you $50. Details »


Well designed

We designed our application to meet the needs of real businesses and we continue to make improvements to help real people; we're small enough to adapt to change and big enough to guarantee 100% uptime.

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Apps, apps, apps

Well, two apps, plus two assistants and a texting bot. Access comes with a premium membership.

Customers app

Let them do all the work

If you so choose, customers can:

  • View and request upcoming appointments (with or without your approval),
  • Make changes to or cancel their appoitments
  • Confirm appointments once you've made them (at intervals you configure), and
  • Be alerted via an app notification of changes to their appointments

Business App

You and your employees

Your employees can:

  • View their upcoming scheduled shifts and appointments,
  • Make, edit, and cancel appointments for themselves (if you assign them the appropriate role),
  • Be alerted to appointment or shift requests via app notification, and
  • View and respond to those requests
  • Collect payment for appointments

You and whoever you designate to manage appointments and shifts can use the app to:

  • Create, edit, and cancel appointments and shifts,
  • Request that employees confirm their assigned appointments and shifts, and
  • Receive an app notification when someone responds to a request, as well as view outstanding requests

Texting Bot

It's what the kids are into

New and existing customers can just text 'hi,' or anything at all really, to 863-880-BOOK(2665) and it'll do the rest. All your customers have to know is your business name. The bot will pick up their name and info if they're already a customer, or get all the necessary info if not. Give it a shot today- see if Goat Rodeo Software has any appointments available on a Wednesday or Thursday.

  1. Text 'hi' to 863-880-BOOK
  2. When it asks you what it can do for you, say 'I'd like to book an appointment'
  3. When it says 'with whom,' say 'Goat Rodeo Software' {this is where your organization name would go}
texting bot

Google Home

Just say 'Ok Google, talk to Appointment Maker'. from any Google assistant enabled device or phone. COMING SOON

Amazon Alexa

Just say 'Alexa, launch Appointment Maker.' from any Alexa-enabled device or mobile phone. New or existing customers can list, create, modify, & cancel appointments (with or without your review first, as you configure it.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody has questions

Even more great features

Still not convinced? We're not done convincing you.


Your data is yours alone

Data security comes built in. In fact, we dare you to try to find someone else's data.

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Always know who did what

We have multiple checks to make sure we always record changes to your system. The application actively and passively prevents changes made without a valid username to accompany them- nobody can make a change undetected.

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Customize how your business runs

Appointments and shifts can be set up to require approval of employees as well as validated against rules- employees being able to perform a task in a given location and not being otherwise booked, for example. Schedules can be finalized through their own validation rules- employees being within a range of hours and a set of shifts being covered, for example- and then frozen until the finaliztion is revoked. Employees are notified when they're part of a schedule that's been finalzied.

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What our users say

Straight from the horse's mouth

"It's obvious that's unique take and irreverent style are part of the new wave of applications, focused on customer experience and reliability."
Crystal Gill
HMK, Inc. from Florida
"I used to use ten different methods to track my business- a calendar for employee work shifts, google calendar for appointments, email to take customer appointments- this application does it all for me now."
Daniel Cooper
TRG Group from Indiana
"I don't know how to tell you how much easier this is than doing everything by hand. I'm a Basic user now, and I've never felt like anything less than the most important customer when using this application."
David Horton
TD Bank from Virginia

More and more extra great features

We just don't know when to quit

100% Uptime

Always available

Due to our design and the cloud, we don't ever plan to be down outside of scheduled maintenance windows. What if we are? We'll credit every customer, whether they experience the outage or not, half their monthly fees towards the next month.

Mobile app

On the go

Depending on your configuration, employees can view their upcoming schedule and your admins can edit shifts and appointments with native apps that take advantage of features like GPS for directions and alerts of changes and upcoming appointments or shifts.


See everything

Along with your basics like sales, payroll, and auditing, we offer a pivot grid that lets you create your own reports on the fly and/or save them for later. COMING SOON

Online appointments

Booking and tracking

You can configure your platinum or partner level setup to allow customers to set up appointments or to request appointments via chat, Alexa, or Google Home (coming soon)- all obeying the employee and service scheduling rules that you define- that you or your admins later review and accept or reject.

Customize your look and brand

Your very own website, included with platinum membership.

Customized website

Your data, your pictures

Customize your own landing page for customers on our site with your images, colors, descriptions, and custom images and descriptions for your services:{Your Company Name} Edit it inline and changes are shown as soon as you hit the 'save' button. You can link to it from your own website or use it instead of a website- save those hosting and web design costs for yourself.

See it in action
home page


We think we're the best deal in the marketplace.

  • Basic
  • Basic appointment and scheduling needs covered
  • Free
  • Five employees and services
  • Up to 10,000 customers
  • One location
  • Book appointments and shifts
  • Premium
  • Accept payments, an app for you and one for your customers, access via Alexa and texting bots.
  • $50 / month
  • Up to 10,000 emloyees, locations, and services each
  • Auditing
  • Reports COMING SOON
  • Employee and Customer apps on Android and iOS.
  • Bookings/requests via website, customer app, text, or Alexa home device.
  • Accept payment from customers on the app or webiste with our payment partner Stripe.
  • Ad-free
  • Partner
  • We'll be at your beck and call- 20 hours of launch training, up to 20 hours a month of custom development, 5 hours of phone or video chat meetings, and all features of the application
  • Negotiable
  • Premium tier access
  • Custom development
  • Priority same day support
  • Direct API Access
  • Contact Us

We always want to support small businesses. In addition to our free tier, we provide a free month long trial of the Premium tier. If you decide we're not right for you, cancel the renewal at any time and you'll be able to use the site for the remainder of the period you paid for, if past that initial free month. Also, your information is yours to keep- export all your data at any time while you're subscribed.

Contact Us

We try to respond to emails within the next business hour.

Our current response time is about 20 minutes.
Expect a reply between 8am - 5pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

We get our best ideas from our customers. Please let us know if you have any comments, suggestions, or problems. We use your feedback to make our software better, and we make our customers happy in the process.

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